Transform Hot Yoga (& fitness)

Transform Hot Yoga (& fitness) is about transformation, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The studio’s name is meant to represent the experiences during a yoga or fitness session, along with the personal journey one goes through to find self-love and awareness. Each class will guide you, regardless of experience, through the physical and spiritual journey of wellness.

“As a fellow body worker, I appreciate that Nicole has my long-term goals always in mind.  She has helped me find balance using yoga, weight resistance, and cardio.  Her tailored approach helps me to achieve a full body routine that strengthens, tones, and keeps me massaging without injuring myself.”

Renata Johnston

“Nicole’s yoga is something I look forward to each week. She is a gifted and talented teacher and trainer. I am so happy I discovered her yoga classes. My body feels better than ever after attending her classes. I have struggled with injury from high impact workouts over the years and have found that I am able to get a great sweaty workout through yoga as well. I am able to give my body the strength and much needed stretch it needs. She is always so encouraging and helpful. Giving great modifications while still pushing me to get better and better. My flexibility, balance, and strength has improved and I am able to continue to workout without the pain I was used to. I LOVE the challenges that I get from Nicole’s yoga class that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. We are truly blessed to have such a great asset here in Mason City!”

Jessi Scholl