Prices & Packages

Due to limited space, fitness classes are a pre-paid & registration service.  How does the fitness classes work:

Each day there are set times for classes that you pre-pay & register for. That day/time slot will be yours for the month. The last week of the month you will have the opportunity to reserve your spot for the following month. If you miss your pre-pay or do not want to continue, that slot opens up to the next person (on the waiting list).

If you cannot make your slot on your reserved day we need 24-hr notice so we can let the next person on the waiting list drop in (for that day only with a $10 fee).

You may be asking why this program?
Class routines will vary class-to-class based on who the participants are. Each class will be tailored to the members goals and their abilities. Classes will range from kickboxing (bag contact, gloves needed), HIIT, core stability, agility…the list can keep going. *Also, did I mention that it will be a 1:12 teacher/ student ratio (or less)….that’s right! More 1-on-1 training. Less chance for injury, more chance for success!!

Below is the class options with pricing. Each class has a max cap at 12 participants so DO NOT delay, they are going to fill up fast.  Sign-up by contacting Nicole at, Facebook message, or stop in during open hours.