Our Values

Transform Hot Yoga offers the convenience of classes 6 days a week, at various times. All classes are in a heated room for students of all levels. We are committed to providing high quality instruction in a welcoming, loving and respectful environment. Whether looking for a good sweat, deep stretch or a mental recovery flow there’s something for everyone.

We value the practice of yoga for the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and community health/well-being it supports. We value the health of the studio environment and the health of the environment as a whole. Our company values are Peace, Love, and Health:

Peace – Yoga teaches us the habits of peace. As we move through the asanas, we develop physical strength and stamina with grace and flexibility. When we meditate we are cultivating our ability to be still, focus, and listen. To practice yoga is to practice peace.

Love – For every customer that comes through our doors, no matter age, race, religion, gender, orientation, or size – we’ve created a sacred space for all to feel cared-for, and able to let go. Wellness is our passion. We strive to continuously improve our performance on a personal & company level.

Health – Heal yourself and you will heal the world – When you feel good, you give back to the community in a positive way. So, not only do we support our clients, we promise to support our team, & family members to live happier, healthier lives.